Spacious indoor swimming pool room with white tiled walls and flooring. The pool is enclosed by a metal barrier and its dark water contrasts with the bright surroundings. Natural light floods in from large arched windows on the side and rectangular skylights in the ceiling, casting soft reflections and shadows on the tiles. An empty white chair sits beside the pool, enhancing the tranquil and deserted ambiance of the space. View from the water level of a narrow, tranquil indoor pool flanked by high white tiled walls. The perspective is centered down the length of the pool, creating a symmetrical image with the reflection of the water enhancing the sense of depth. The ceiling is not visible, but the light fixtures cast a subdued light, contributing to the serene and slightly moody atmosphere. The far end of the pool is in soft focus, with light reflecting off the water's surface. Perspective view of a narrow, indoor pool hallway illuminated by circular lights on the walls, which cast a soft glow over the white tiled walls and water. The pool appears calm with only minor ripples on the surface, and the reflection of the lights creates a serene ambiance. The end of the pool is shrouded in shadow, adding to the mysterious and quiet atmosphere of the scene. An atmospheric view of an indoor swimming pool at night, with a row of circular lights along the wall creating a rhythmic pattern of reflections on the dark water surface. The white tiled walls and floor gleam subtly under the artificial lighting, which casts a moody ambiance across the pool area. The pool itself is still, suggesting a quiet and empty space, evoking a sense of calm and solitude. An indoor swimming pool with a large red spiral slide partially submerged in the water. The pool area is tiled in white, reflecting the natural light coming through oval windows. The water is calm, with gentle ripples and light reflections near the slide and edges. Stainless steel ladders are installed on the sides for entry into the pool. Water-level view of a dimly lit indoor swimming pool, capturing the tranquility of the space. The surface of the water is gently rippled, reflecting the soft light from the square ceiling lights above. A single dark tunnel is partially visible above the water in the foreground, adding a sense of mystery. The tall, white tiled walls lead to a distant vanishing point, creating a feeling of depth and solitude within the architectural setting.