Found footage

Explore, admire and listen. Relaxing. Uncanny. Eerie. Hypnotic. Immersive. No monsters chasing you or jumping towards at your screen, but the game can feel oppressive at times by invoking fears of getting lost, the dark, tight spaces and outwordly architecture. Liminal spaces, inspired by backrooms.

The game has no user-interface and no dialogue. No background music. Instead, the game uses sounds to make you feel like you're really there. The sounds and echo change depending on the room you're in. Walking in water is slower. All of these things makes the game feel more real and creates a tense atmosphere.

There's no typical story, no characters to meet, and you won't find any notes in game. But as you explore and advance further, you start to notice that the game's world changes around you. Rooms look and feel different. Each chapter has something unique. Constantly you're exploring new places, each with its own kind of mystery.

POOLS is inspired by internet phenomenons "Liminal spaces", "Found footage" and "Backrooms" - specifically "Backrooms Pools" or "Poolrooms".

One of the original artists behind the Poolrooms concept is Jared Pike.

Other inspirations include: